NGO Registration in Kenya and International NGO Registration in Kenya


NGO Registration in Kenya and
International NGO Registration in Kenya

A non-governmental organization (NGO) is a non-profit, voluntary citizens’ group that is
organized on a local, national or international level. All NGOS must be registered by
NGO Registration Board in accordance with the NGO Registration Act Kenya. Briantony
International Consultants Specializes in Foreign NGO Registration in Kenya,
International NGO Registration services in Kenya and Local NGO Registration services
in Kenya among other Company and Commercial Law related services

An international non-governmental organization is a type of NGO that is already
operating another countries and would like to open a branch in Kenya. It can also be an
organization in Kenya that aspires to open their branches in other countries.

A local non-governmental organization is an organization that is bound to operate within
the Kenyan borders. These type of organizations are limited to work in various parts of
the country.

The registration is done by the NGO Board Co-ordination. The board is mandated to
issue out certificate to the applicants who have met the registration requirements.

The procedures for both local and foreign or International NGO registration are similar,
apart from that in registering a foreign or International NGO additional requirements are
needed to the satisfaction of the NGO coordination Board

  •  All applications MUST contain ORIGINAL signatures of the officials and
    members as applicable.
  •  Applicants can obtain the prototype constitution which Briantony International
    Consultants can provide upon request

Major functions of Non-Governmental Organization

World bank defines Non-governmental organizations as private entities that work for the
good of the society by relieving suffering, protect the environment and protect the
interests of the poor.

Some of the major NGO’s operating in Kenya include:

● World Vision
● Caritas
● Save the Children
● UN Organizations
● Mercy Corps
● International Committee of the Red Cross
● Amnesty International
● Africa Harvest Biotech Foundation International

Functions of an NGO

NGO plays a key role in the society and work together with the government to promote
sustainability and development.

These functions include:

  1.  Build community participation
  2. Monitoring and evaluation of policies
  3. Promote peace
  4. Create environmental awareness
  5.  Fight against poverty and hunger
  6.  Protect environment

What are the nature of the NGO proposed activities

  •  Agriculture
  • Animal welfare
  • Culture
  • Disability
  • Drug and Alcohol
  • Addiction
  • Education
  •  Energy
  • Environmental
  • Conservation
  • Health
  • HIV/AIDS awareness/mitigation
  • Housing and Settlement
  • ICT
  • Microfinance
  • Peace building
  • Population and Reproductive Health
  • Promotion of Good Governance
  • Promotion of Human Rights
  • Relief/Disaster Management
  • Relief of Poverty
  • Road Safety
  • Sports
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Welfare

How to Start an NGO in Kenya:

  •  Among the top three officials, one of them MUST be a Kenyan as a basic
    requirement for all foreign or International based NGOs.
  • Another requirement for an NGO to be registered, is that it would have to
    demonstrate an act of public good that it will benefit and improve the lives of
    the population and the citizens’.
  • All documents need to be in order and in the required prescribed format.

NGO Registration Requirements in Kenya

Information Required

  • The Line Ministry under which the objectives falls
  • Work plan for first year of operation
  • Itemized Budget for First year of Operation
  • Comprehensive organizational chart
  • Memorandum of Understanding between the organization and the donors (If
  • In case of an organization registering a branch of an organization already
    registered locally or overseas
Procedure of Registering of an NGO in Kenya:
  • Before an application for registration is lodged, the applicant should submit
    the name search of the NGO in a prescribed form 2 for approval from the
    Director of the Non-Governmental Organizations Board. This name search
    entails that the applicant propose around 3 names that will be used, with the
    first first proposed name as the priority name.
  •  Submit a duly completed form to the Registry for conducting the search.
  • The registry will conduct search and recommend the reservation.
  • Submission of reserved name to the Programs Manager for approval.
  •  A notification of location of the office and the postal address of the proposed
    organization Form 1 to be signed by the three top officials of that proposed
  • The application for registration will be submitted by Briantony International
    Consultants to the appropriate office.

Contact by email or call us at +254114503453 to start the process

Documents Required in NGO Registration:
  •  A letter addressed to the Executive Director requesting for registration.
  • Name reservation by filling form 2
  • Duly completed NGO application form, that provides
    information about the proposed organization, its objectives , officials and
    other board members.
  • Two recent colored passport size photographs of three proposed officials and
    two other board members . This should be shared in a JPEG format
  •  Copy of Name Reservation Form (NGO Form 2) duly approved and paid for
  • Copy of National Identity Cards for Kenyans and Passports for the foreigners.
    This should be provided for all officials and board members.
  • A copy of police clearance certificate ( formally known as good conduct
    certificate) should be provided by the Kenyan members and an equivalent notarized
    document for the foreigners from their country of origin. The document must
    not be more than 6 months old.
  • The Constitution of the proposed NGO / INGO and signed by both the proposed 3 officials and LISTING AT LEAST TWO (2) other board members (all the 3 constitutions MUST be signed by all the proposed board members on the execution page and by at least one of the proposed officials on each and every page.
  • Minutes authorizing the filing of the application with a specific agenda and resolution to register the organization as an NGO with the NGOS Registration board.
  • The applications should be accompanied by the organization proposed one year budget
  • All members should provide the signature. ( signing should be done in a blue ink and on a white clear background)

Additional requirements for foreign NGO registration:

  • The organization has to furnish the constitutions of its other branches around
    the world.
  • One out of three officials of the Kenya branch must be a Kenyan citizen.
  • The officials must be of outstanding and unquestionable character and
    conform with NGO laws in Kenya

We also offer CBO registration in Kenya, NGO bureau Kenya, NGO constitution sample
Kenya, registering a foundation in Kenya, NGO annual return form 14 and Prototype
constitution of an NGO-KENYA services.

Another form of registering a foundation or Trust is by Company Limited by Guarantee
which registration vehicle for Non profits in Kenya
We also provide basic training on how to start an NGO in Kenya
How long does it take to register an NGO in Kenya?

It will take an estimated time of two months to complete the whole registration process.
The NGO Council will send you an acknowledgement letter, upon receipt of your
application. A registration certificate will be issued once your application meets the
requirements set out in the Nonprofit Organizations Act, 1997.
How much is the registration fee?

Registration fee for NGO depends on the type of NGO the applicant intends to register,
that is either international NGO or local NGO. The forms 1 and 3 are issued upon
payment of the prescribed fee.

NGO Coordination Board Kenya


The Non Governmental Organizations Co-ordination Board is a State Corporation
constituted by the Non-Governmental Organizations Co-ordination Act (Cap 19) of
1990. The Board is responsible of the regulation and enablement of the NGO sector in
Kenya. The NGOs Co-ordination Board commenced its operations in 1992 and is now
under the Ministry of Interior and Co-ordination of National Government.
To be specific, the NGOs Co-ordination Board responsibilities include among others
registering, facilitating and coordinating all Local and international NGOs that has their
operations in Kenya; advising the government on their contribution to national
development; giving policy guidelines for NGOs to line up their undertakings with
national priorities and to receive and to analyze NGO’s annual reports.

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