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How to register an NGO in Kenya?

NGO registration in Kenya is a crucial step for organizations dedicated to driving positive social impact and fostering sustainable development within the country’s vibrant communities. This comprehensive guide serves as a beacon for those passionate about effecting transformative change, illuminating the intricate process of establishing a legally recognized NGO presence in the East African nation.

Whether you’re a seasoned NGO seeking expansion or a visionary embarking on a new journey, this comprehensive guide promises to be your steadfast companion, empowering you to navigate the complexities of NGO registration in Kenya with ease. Together, we can unlock the gateway to sustainable change, fostering lasting positive impact in communities across this remarkable nation.

Local and International NGO Registration in Kenya

NGO registration in Kenya is a crucial process for both local and international non-profit organizations.

This comprehensive guide will outline the procedures, requirements, and key information for successfully registering an NGO in Kenya.

Whether you are a local or international NGO, the NGO Registration Act Kenya mandates that all NGOs be registered by the NGO Registration Board.

Briantony International Consultants specializes in offering expert services for both international and local NGO registration in Kenya, as well as a range of other company and commercial law-related services.

Types of NGO Registration in Kenya

There are two types of NGOs in Kenya.

  • Local NGO, which means an NGO that is registered locally and operates within the Kenyan borders.
  • An International NGO on the other hand means an NGO that is already registered in another country and wishes to open a branch here in Kenya.

Some of the top 10 renowned NGOs operating in Kenya include;

  1. World Vision International
  2. Save the Children
  3. Plan international
  4. USAID
  5. Mercy Corps
  6. Amnesty International
  7. International Rescue Committee
  8. Oxfam International
  9. International Federation of Red Cross
  10. Aga Khan Foundation

NGOs can have wide objectives ranging from agriculture, health care, community well-being, providing humanitarian support, climate change among other things. They can partner with the government  and other private sectors in order to reach their objectives.

Most NGOs in Kenya, rely on grants, donations, funding from corporations, individuals or other NGOs in order to be able to run their activities smoothly.

Establishing a non-governmental organization (NGO) in Kenya can be a fulfilling endeavor, allowing you to make a tangible impact on society. However, navigating the registration process can seem daunting. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to register an NGO in Kenya, ensuring that you meet all legal requirements and set a strong foundation for your organization’s success.

Aspiring NGOs in Kenya should follow these steps to initiate the registration process:

NGO registration requirements in Kenya

  1. Line Ministry Information: Provide information on the specific ministry under which the NGOs objectives fall.
  2. Work Plan: Prepare a detailed work plan for the NGOs first year of operation.
  3. Itemized Budget: Submit an itemized budget for the NGOs first year of operation.
  4. Organizational Chart: Include a comprehensive organizational chart highlighting the NGOs structure.
  5. Memorandum of Understanding: If applicable, provide a Memorandum of Understanding between the organization and the donors.
  6. Registration of a Branch: In case of registering a branch of an already registered local or overseas organization, follow specific procedures.
  7. One of the top three officials must be a Kenyan citizen for International-based NGOs.
  8. The NGO must demonstrate a commitment to public welfare and improving the lives of the population.
  9. An Ecitizen account at least for one of the officials

Procedure for registering an NGO in Kenya

how to register an ngo in kenya

Step-by-step guide for NGO Registration

1. Name Search Approval: Before application submission, conduct a name search using Form 2, which requires approval from the Director of the Non-Governmental Organizations Board.
2. Registry Search: Submit a completed form for the registry to conduct a search and recommend name reservation.
3. Name Approval: After name reservation, present the reserved name to the Programs Manager for approval.
4. Form Submission: Complete Form 3 for NGO registration after name approval.
5. Office Notification: Provide a declaration of the office location and postal address using Form 1, signed by the top three officials.
6. Application Submission: Briantony International Consultants will submit the registration application to the appropriate office.


NGO registration is now done online and therefore it is important to have an ecitizen account.

Documents required for NGO Registration

    1. Personal particulars (contacts & addresses) for the proposed top three officials in the prescribed format.
    2. Scanned copy of proposed organization constitution signed by all the board members.(PDF Not exceeding 2.5 mb)
    3. Sample signatures of all the board members. All signatures should be in Blue ink on a plain white background
    4. Scanned copies of current coloured passports size photographs of the intended officials (size 2*2 taken on a white background)
    5. Valid police clearance certificate (not more than 6 months old) or Notarised Police Clearance certificate from Country of residence (not more than 6 months old) for Non Kenyan
    6. Scanned copy of the Bio data page of the foreigner’s passport
    7. Scanned minutes of the proposed organization resolving to register the NGO and election of the interim officials signed by the top three officials. The minutes must not be more than 14 days old from the date of the meeting.
    8. Contact details, physical and postal address of the proposed organization
    9. List of counties the NGO intends to operate in (Maximum of 5). If need be to expand, a separate application post registration will be required to be submitted to the NGOs Co-ordination Board
    10. One year estimated budget of the intended operations of the NGO

Additional requirements for international NGO registration

1. Branch Constitutions: Furnish constitutions of other branches of the organization worldwide.
2. Kenyan Official: Appoint one Kenyan citizen as an official out of the three proposed officials.
3. Character Assessment: Ensure that officials possess outstanding character and comply with Kenyan NGO laws.

Other services offered

In addition to NGO registration, Briantony International Consultants also offers services related to CBO registration in Kenya,  NGO constitution writing, registering a foundation in Kenya, filing of NGO annual return, and Company Limited by Guarantee registration

Time frame for registering an NGO in Kenya

The entire NGO registration process in Kenya usually takes approximately three months. Upon receipt of the application, the NGO Council will send an acknowledgement letter.

A registration certificate will be issued once all requirements, as per the Nonprofit Organizations Act 1997, are met.

NGO Coordination Board Kenya

Established under the Non-Governmental Organizations Coordination Act, this regulatory body ensures that NGOs comply with legal requirements, maintain transparency, and contribute positively to the nation’s development.

From registration to monitoring and evaluation, the NGO Coordination Board serves as a central authority, fostering accountability and facilitating the effective functioning of NGOs in Kenya’s vibrant civil society landscape.

Role of NGO registration board Kenya

The Non-Governmental Organizations Co-ordination Board, a state corporation, oversees and regulates the NGO sector in Kenya.

Its responsibilities include registering, facilitating, and coordinating both local and international NGOs operating in Kenya.

The board advises the government on NGOs’ contributions to national development, provides policy guidelines aligned with national priorities, and analyses NGO annual reports.

In conclusion, registering an NGO in Kenya requires careful adherence to the procedures and requirements outlined by the NGO Registration Act.

Briantony International Consultants offers specialized services to ensure a smooth and successful registration process.

With a dedicated team of experts, we assist both local and international NGOs in realizing their goals and making a positive impact on society.

For more information or to begin the registration process, contact us via email or call +254114503453.

The procedures for both local and International  NGO registration are similar, apart from that in registering a  International NGO additional requirements, are needed to the satisfaction of the NGO coordination Board.

  • All NGO applications should be typed or filled in block letters.
  • All applications MUST contain ORIGINAL signatures of the officials and members as applicable.
  • Applicants can obtain the prototype constitution which Briantony International Consultants can provide upon request

A non-governmental organization (NGO) is a non-profit, voluntary citizens’ group that is organized on a local, national or international level.

All NGOs must be registered by NGO Registration Board, in accordance with the NGO Registration Act Kenya.

Briantony International Consultants specializes in International NGO Registration in Kenya,  and Local NGO Registration services in Kenya among other Company ,and Commercial Law related services.


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