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Briantony International Consultants offers a wide range of share registrar services that is diverse.

The capital markets is by its nature a fast moving industry therefore, inefficiencies, integrity and accountability can only be achieved by having a clear distinction and appreciation of the role of each stakeholder. As your share registrar, we work in a cost effective and efficient way of communicating with and updating, all your shareholders.

Our organization is net with the necessary systems and facilities to manage large shareholder traffic; to receive, monitor and process high volumes of shareholder requests and stable enough to maintain strict verification and control standards. More so, we provide an online and mobile platform for general shareholder enquiries and routine client reports.

share registrar services

Investor relations service

This includes register monitoring and compliance reporting. It assists companies in ensuring governance, compliance, efficiency and accuracy with shareholder management. However, this service requires a keen understanding of the capital markets industry and review of new acts and regulations which have impact on register maintenance, and advising clients of the impact and any suggested remedial actions. Our clients can be rest assured that our market monitoring and advice is efficient and reliable.

Share Register Maintenance

This entails keeping the share registers for our clients and ensuring that the information on the registers is updated and kept in accordance with the Companies Act or any other statutory modification as well as Articles of Association. We  may use: Systems Register Maintenance and Database Integrity, Regular reconciliations with the Central Depository System to reconcile the register thereof to issued share capital, Static Data amendments/updates of certificated shareholders, Verification/Certification and processing of immobilizations, Private Transfers and others

Dividend management services,

Briantony consultants undertakes the management of dividends from data files in preparation for dividend allotments per eligible shareholder, calculation of funding requirements, customized printing of cheques, dispatch of dividend payments( Mobile Payments, RTGS, EFTs, Cheques), reconciliations and maintenance of unclaimed dividend records involving;

We are a professional Firm duly Registered and company secretarial services (CPS) or Corporate secretarial services Kenya, Company Registration in Kenya Services, Foreign Company Registration in Kenya services, Management Consultancy, Management, Legal and Corporate Training, Company and commercial Law Services (In conjunction with in house Licensed Advocates) among other services here in Kenya and Africa at large .

Opening, managing and operating bank accounts in respect to each dividend (based on agreement with our clients) and reconciliation of same, Calculation of dividend entitlement and reconciliation of report to dividend declared, reconciliation and closure of Register as per the payment timetable, Requisition of stationery and personalization of shareholder addresses and others.

Value added services

Value added services provides clients with access to monitor their registers movements at any given time and extract any information on the shareholding structures, taxation positions, dividend history as well as free alerts of proceedings within the market at large e.g. IPOs, new Listings, Rights Issues and Bonus Issues.

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We believe in offering Efficient and Prompt Services for our clients. Our practice is built on offering value addition and Trust in our services. Our Clientele base consist both Local and International.

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