Elevate Your Business with Top-notch Company Secretarial Services in Kenya: Ensuring Compliance and Success

Briantony International Consultants provide Company secretarial services touching on issues of company secretary as prescribed by Chapter 534 of the Laws of Kenya and other professional accreditation for such office.

The government of Kenya bounded by the Company Act 2015 has ensured that companies both local and foreign are compliant with the law. This strict measure has been able to curb fraud in companies.

We at Briantony International Consultant pride ourselves with over 15 years of experience in delivering quality and professional service to all our clients. Our commitment to ensure timely delivery of assignment is what has set us apart from other firms over the years.

We not only offer quality, professional and timely service but also at an affordable rate. We strive to meet all needs of our clients from start-up companies to the big companies in the market.

Company Secretary Requirements

Qualification standards and the scope of company secretarial practices remain elusive to many companies, which underscores our commitment to bridge the gap to smooth business operations.

The Kenya legal regulation requires that every company should establish the position of a company secretary to resolve the numerous compliance matters required in a functional company.

Companies can only resolve matters ranging from legal to management complexities by the engagement of a Certified Secretary(CS).

BrianTony is amongst the biggest company secretarial firms in Kenya with exceptional, excellent and professional service. Duties of a company secretary in Kenya are of fiduciary in nature and requires utmost confidentiality that is available in our firm.

Our consultancy package at Briantony International Consultancy resolves every company Secretary challenge for the Kenyan business setting by availing relevant knowledge on secretarial practice.

With the change in dynamics of corporate management practices, company secretarial standards have tremendously changed to accommodate the new business culture.

Business compliance involves numerous legal and professional considerations that define the business environment.

Appointment and Qualifications Of A Company Secretary in Kenya

As Kenya continues to modify its business environment to accommodate international standards, the Institute of Certified Public Secretaries ( ICPSK) has set the stage for company secretarial qualifications.

A company secretary is expected to have education attainment through rigorous training appreciating the business terrain in the country.

At Briantony International Consultancy, we have assembled the best team to provide advice to our clients on how to attain obtain appropriate company secretarial as prescribed by professional and legal authorities. appointment of company secretary in Kenya.

The qualification and qualities of company secretary are well defined in Law. Cap 534 of the laws of Kenya define company secretary and explain the qualifications of a company secretary.

Company Secretary jobs in Kenya are among the most lucrative jobs in Kenya and hence appointment of company secretary in Kenya should be with care and professional touch.

 Company Secretarial services in Kenya

Our services encompass the requirements of corporate operations demanding the services of a qualified company secretary. Our consultancy services on company secretarial in Kenya include among others;

1. Registration and incorporation of companies that is both private and public limited

We help our clients begin their business by doing registration on their behalf.
We register
a) Foreign companies
b) Private limited companies
c) Public limited companies

d) Company limited by guarantee
e) Partnerships
f) Business names

2. Filing of Company Annual Returns

We do prepare company annual returns documents for our clients that need to be lodged with the registrar of companies.
This is done on the company anniversary date or the last return date

3. Share Registry Management

We help our clients meet the company requirement on share
a) Share transfer
b) Allotment of shares
c) Ensure that the transfer process is law compliant and abides by the company’s constitution
d) Alteration of company capital
e) Issuance of share certificate

4. Preparation of company registers

a) Register of members
b) Register of directors
c) Register of share transfer
d) Register of company charges

5. Compliance matter

a) Preparation and attendance of Annual General Meeting
b) Preparation and Attendance of Board Meeting
c) Preparation of board packs
d) Liaising with the chairperson to send out notices and Agenda

6. Company Changes

a) Resignation of directors
b) Appointment of directors
c) Change of company name
d) Change of physical address
e) Application for CR 12

7. Board matters

a) Board induction
b) Board evaluation and preparation of analysis report
c) Board recruitment
d) Hold one on one interviews with new board members

8. Board training and corporate governance

We offer training on various matters for boards and organization at large, the thematic areas includes but not limited to;
a) Risk Management
b) Corporate strategy
c) Ethical beaviour
d) Environmental awareness

At Briantony International Consultants we choose to give quality services to all our clients. With the team of professionals, we are are ready to go above and beyond to ensure contiunity of business for all our clients and a long-lasting professional relationship.

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